The experts field guide

Author: Rudie H. Kuiter & Co-author: Tim Godfrey

Our latest ebook is now ready! Fishes of the Maldives - Indian Ocean, available on iBooks & GooglePlay.

  • What is this?

    An eBook is an electronic book, one you can read digitally on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Ebooks open in programs called 'ebook readers' which are free. Currently, this publication is available on the iBooks reader (perfect for ipads, iphones and computers capable of running the free iBooks software. It is also available on Google Play for PC users capable of running the Play Books reader. Other versions of this publication will be made available soon - such as a Kindle edition.

  • Why should I choose an ebook?

    The ebook allows you to have all 308 pages of content on your computer, tablet or smartphone at all times. You don't have to carry a physical book any more which means easy reference straight after your dive (or even during your dive if you have your device in a waterproof case)!

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